Tha Watcher Update

The release of my collaboration with Re-Style(called How We Play), hosting parties in Spain, Italy, Germany & many other places...and the summer hasn't even started yet! Looking forward to seeing everyone everywhere I go


Just Watch Me, thank you for the amazing support_o_ and expect A LOT of new Tha Watcher news coming your way soon :)

Dive deep into my career and personal story with my Hardcore Podcast interview! Full interview link in bio 🙏🏽❤🙏🏽
This weekend: Masters of Hardcore Scotland & Leaderz festival! LET'S GO🔥❤🔥
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Sweet! 🔥❤🔥 Definitely an epic oneofthosenights to celebrate this momentous occassion🥂
Check out the dual Leaderz Festival anthems! RADI X THA WATCHER - LEAD THE WAY THE MELODYST X THA WATCHER - LEAD…
Honoured to join The Chosen Ones Album Night! This will be monstrous 🔥💪🏽🔥 Who's with us?